Holy Cow!

I woke up early on Saturday morning in an attempt to beat the video game, Assassin’s Creed. I was just about finished when Winston came down the steps and sat down next to me. I said, “Winston, look outside buddy!” He paused, adjusted his eyes, stared, smiled, opened his mouth for a second, and said, “Holy Cow”. He thought the snow was amazing, he just couldn’t believe it, he perched himself on the window sill and watched it while I finished my video game.

I don’t recall hearing Winston say, “Holy Cow” before, I love that he picked up that expression, probably from me.

I hear another foot of snow is on the way, I hope work is canceled on Wednesday, if so, I will build a snow fort.

For those of you following my life story, the final interview was delayed last week. Nothing bad, just a busy week with a lot of scheduling conflicts. The interview is scheduled to take place tomorrow, please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. If this interview goes through and I get the job, a ton of good things will start to happen.

Kids were crazy last week, Dalia has turned into a very aggressive antagonist. She steals, fights, and hollers constantly, but the funny thing is, she finds it all so amusing. She’ll walk up to her brother, grab his juice and make a run for it. He runs after her, she squeals with delight, he tackles her, pries the juice away and she just laughs while he scolds.

Saw my first Robin (the orange bellied bird) and it made me think Spring was nearby.

2 thoughts on “Holy Cow!

  1. If for some reason work is not cancelled please drive Jac’s car… It is going to be worse than Saturday’s storm in regards to “white out.” Dalia is the cutest thing ever!


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