Catching Up

I’m in a hotel room in Philadelphia tonight.  No, Jaclyn’s not made at me…I’m here for work because I had a meeting that runs late tonight and another meeting here that starts very early tomorrow morning.  I’m watching the NCAA basketball games and I’m a little depressed that I never filled out brackets this year, so I have very little rooting interest.  I will cheer on Temple. 

I got pre-approved for a mortgage today!  This is the first step of many, but it’s nice to hear that we can get a jump on the house search.  Life’s giant wheels are churning, the Deem train is picking up steam.  I had an old colleague from Johnson & Johnson call me the other day, he was let go and was looking for a job.  It is freaking scary, I know I’ve been laid off twice, but I consider myself lucky to have experienced it when I did, young and without a mortgage.  With the kids getting older and a house on the horizon, the weight of responsibility is something I feel all the time. 

Urinals are awesome.  I actually feel bad for women who have to sit down to use the bathroom.  For example, with urinals men can go in and out of the bathroom in 30 seconds.  Women have to sit down, close a door, and probably take closer to a minute on average.  If that ratio holds true, and a person goes to the bathroom 4 times a day, that’s an extra two minutes a day that a man has to be more productive.  Over the course of a year, that’s 730 extra minutes, which is over 12 hours!  If people live for roughly 75 years, that’s an extra 54,750 minutes, which is over 38 days!  Urinals, they are awesome.

Tomorrow night after the meeting, I am heading to another meeting in DC.  The cool thing is that my family is joining me for the trip!  I’ll be stuck in a meeting all day on Saturday, but Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday will be time to spend with my family.  We plan to hit up the Smithsonians and the zoo. 

Our softball season is just a little over a week away.  The new jerseys arrived (reminds me of a stupid joke, what did Delaware?  A New Jersey!), and they look awesome.  I’ll have to model one for the blog and show readers how to order one. 

Thanks for your patience during this busy month, I’ll right more in April, I promise!

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