Independence Blue Cross Review – Horrible

Timeline of events:

Early January 2010 – Since I was let go from Scout Marketing in April 2009, my COBRA was due to run out at the end of January 2010. In early January, I contacted Independence Blue Cross to inquire about getting covered by February 1st so I wouldn’t enter a period of time where my family would not have health insurance.

Febrauary 1 – Health insurance runs out, no longer eligible for expensive COBRA insurance. Blue Cross hasn’t processed my application yet. Family without health insurance.

Mid February – Hired by Teva, receive health insurance immediately though Teva.

March 6 – Receive an email from Blue Cross, my application has been reviewed and approved. As a courtesy, I call them up and explain that I do not need health insurance through them and already have it through my work. They say that I need to fax a signed and dated note stating that I want to decline my coverage or else I will automatically be enrolled and charged. I implore them to cancel my policy over the phone. They insist on a handwritten fax that is signed and dated. I get them to agree to a scanned document emailed to them that is signed and dated and explains that I do not want coverage. The assure me that a signed and dated scanned document emailed to them will shut the policy down and I will not be charged $400. I am pissed off, but happy it is resolved.

Late March – I check my bank balance, $400 is charged against my account from Indepence Blue Cross. I am now pissed off. I call them and demand the money refunded. They explain that they have my conversation documented, but they weren’t really allowed to accept an emailed scanned document so it never got canceled. Since my policy is now activated, I must fax a signed and dated document to the enrollment department and to a woman named Rachel who can retroactively cancel the policy. They will process this request with an expedited status so I can get my $400 back in less than one week. I want to have these people arrested for incompetence and for stealing my money.

Early April – Money is still not deposited into my account. My thoughts are turning violent, it is hard to pinpoint hatred when working with a beaurocracy, but someone needs to pay…pay me preferable! I called them again. They explain that the person I spoke with was only capable of canceling the account, not issuing a refund. A refund check must be issued by a different department and a whole separate request must be filed. They explain that the request will be filed and processed within the next 7-10 days and that I should receive payment within the next 25 days.

Any recommendations on how to make these bastards pay? This is strictly on principle, I am fine, I have plenty of money, but they have been awful, unhelpful, and have put me in a position that is not justified. Let me know how to take it to these guys.

184 thoughts on “Independence Blue Cross Review – Horrible

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