Awhile back, I declared on my blog that I would stop actively being a fan for the Eagles until the McNabb era was over, its at the bottom of this blog posting:

By the way, the posting above also talks about the famous elevator room at the Doubletree in Philly.  I showed Mr. Edman, Rose, and Jaclyn the elevator room and they all agreed that it should be converted to a storage closet, not suitable for habitation.

So, I know you’re all wondering, what’s RKDeem’s take on McNabb getting shipped off the Washington Redskins last night? 

I am a very happy man today, I feel that the Eagles franchise may get better or it may get worse, but it will no longer be in the hands of a player who’s come up short time and time again.  Yes, he was an above average quarterback.  Yes, he was a nice guy.  Yes, he got us to a Super Bowl.   BUT, he often choked in clutch moments, had problems with accuracy, always had an excuse, and worst of all, I never ever saw him play with any sense of urgency (evidenced by the complete failure to run a two minute offense and the jubilent smile he’d display after throwing an interception or when the Eagles were losing).  He was our quarterback, our leader, the team was in his hands, and he just never seemed to care that much one way or another. 

So the big question is, do we boo him or give him a polite round of aplause when we face him next season?  RKDeem says we boo the heck out of him.  The Philadelphia Eagles have one of the most intense fan bases of any professional sport, we bleed green, we are depressed on Mondays after a loss, and McNabb was always relaxed and calm, possibly happy, he did his job and checked out.  Good for him, now he’s out, and he’s smiled long enough.  He knows the Eagles fans are going to be rabid when he comes back to Lincoln Financial Field, he’s going to do his normal goofy antics of playing air guitar and moonwalk onto the field, he’ll be smiling too.  I hope the Eagles attack him from every angle, blitz him on every down, make his life miserable on every single play, because this town cannot bear that grin any longer. 

I’m not saying Kolb is going to light the world on fire, but I just want to see a little intensity, someone who’s upset after a loss, someone who will take accountability, someone who will insist the best from his teammates.  I am a happy man today, I look forward to this new era for the Eagles. 

7 thoughts on “McNabb

  1. So glad McNabb is outta there too. He was a tremendous role model on and off the field, but as a HUGE eagles fan I think that I prefer him off the field for now. Now I gotta give the man a TON of credit for getting the eagles to the superbowl though. I mean, when was that last time before that when the eagles got to the big dance? Anyone?


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