Made An Offer That They Could Refuse

Last night Jac and I went to the Weichert office in Doylestown with a $1,000 check in our hands.  You need a check when you’re making an offer to show them you’re serious.  I have been a little apprehensive about the whole idea of home ownership because prices are dropping precipitously and there’s a bunch of stuff on the market.  After doing some research, we’ve concluded that the house in Doylestown that we’re looking at is a wonderful place, but they’re asking too much (in our unprofessional, but research supported opinion). 

So we made an offer that we felt was appropriate and we don’t intend on budging if they counter offer, so we’ll see how the whole thing works out.  The process of making an offer is rather time consuming and the experience just skeeves me out, I’ve come to conclude that I do not like realtors, here’s a list of my least trusted professions:

1.  Mattress Salesman or Saleswomen
2.  Realtors
3.  Car Salesman (I actually trust car saleswomen, but that is based on a small sample size)
4.  Jewelry salesman or saleswomen
5.  Mechanics at chain operations like Midas or Jiffy Lube

Don’t worry too much about the offer being accepted or declined, either way we’re heading towards home ownership in the near future, but we’ll do it in a way where we feel like we are getting excellent value. 

I will provide my Lost conclusions and observations, but apparently I made a DVR mistake and failed to watch the last episode of Lost in its entirety.  I saw the beginning of the episode and the end of the episode, but apparently, I missed a big section with Charlie.  I should get caught up in the next day or two and will report.  I’m still sticking by my conclusion that the final episode will reveal that all the people were just pawns in a giant game of backgammon, the only twist will be that the pieces had a little control over their destiny. 

Off to a wedding this weekend in Bayonne, NJ.  Have to head to Kansas City in early May for a couple of days, I believe my next bar-b-que joint to hit there is Gates.  Thanks again to everyone who reads, love you all!

9 thoughts on “Made An Offer That They Could Refuse

  1. It’s not safe to trust anyone that will make a large percentage of their yearly salary through overstuffed commission checks from making a sale.I like the reasonable-offer-and-don’t-budge technique. It works for vehicles. I’m interested in seeing how it works for real estate…


  2. Well, they countered are offer. We didn’t budge and it might just stall out. No house yet and I’m okay with it. Jac and I are really excited to own a home, but it’s just so much money and we really want to land in the perfect spot. We’ll place an offer by the end of June, we just need to find the right spot at the right price.


  3. I know how you feel about realtors. Tried to buy a house last year and the realtor made it a nightmare by trying to steer me into using his people to do all of the work on the house since it was a HUD house. Haven’t looked for a house since.


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