BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD – Worst Company Ever/Never Use

Hello Blue Cross,

Thank you for sending the refund, I have received and deposited. Unfortunately, I have now been charged an additional $768 as of today! I am really upset at this point, please call me on my cell phone ASAP notifying me that my money is being deposited back into my account immediately. In addition, when you call me, please confirm that you have removed my credit card information from your system.

This is the saddest display of incompetence that I’ve ever encountered. Pat yourselves on the back, really freaking phenomenal, you have mastered the art of customer service.

Timeline of BlueCross Incompetence:

Apply for insurance in January to receive coverage in February, but receive approval for insurance in March = FAIL
Upon receipt of approval, I immediately contact customer service to decline coverage and provide requested documentation to Blue Cross. Despite proof of receipt by BlueCross, I am still charged for a policy I do not want on March 24th = FAIL
I contact customer service to cancel policy and get refund, I am told my policy will be canceled and I will receive a refund in a week. Week goes by without refund. I call again and customer service explains they only canceled the policy and the person I spoke with didn’t have the authority to issue a refund = FAIL
New customer service person explains that my refund will arrive in 25 days = FAIL
I blog about my supreme displeasure and get a response from Blue Cross Social Media Monitor, they work magic and get me my refund quickly. Blogging helps more than several phone calls.
I check my bank balance and today, a whopping $768 is removed from my account. Seriously, nearly $1000 removed from my bank account!!! For what?! I don’t want your coverage, I’ve done everything in my power to work with you, I feel like the only thing that will get through you thick, incompetent skulls is police action. BIG FAIL!
If I do not get my refund by this weekend, I am contacting the police, government, and every media source that accepts tips on unscrupulous business behavior.

My cell number is 267.317.6382


—–Original Message—–
From: Social Media
Sent: Fri, Apr 9, 2010 3:54 pm
Subject: Your Refund

We regularly monitor social media and blogging sites and found your detailed
log about your recent experience with Independence Blue Cross, dated April 5,
010. We processed your refund check and sent it via Federal Express Mail. You
an expect to receive it today, April 9.
We are very concerned about your experience with us and sincerely apologize for
he challenges you dealt with related to your application and enrollment. We
nderstand both your frustration and your unease about the issues in our
rocess- which allowed this confusion to occur and, second, allowed it to go
nremedied for too long.
Just as you stated, a series of mishaps occurred:
There was a delay in the processing of your application.
There was a delay in your refund processed after you took the necessary
teps we asked you to about cancelling your enrollment.
You made several calls to our office to get this straightened out, which
e know consumed valuable time on your end.
You should know, Robert, we realize that our customers need to rely on
ndependence Blue Cross-especially when they need to receive medical coverage.
hen we fall short in this regard as in your case, it is very upsetting to us.
or this reason, we thank you for bringing this to our attention as you did.. We
ave shared the details of your experience with our leadership team, and are
orking to determine the steps needed to prevent this from occurring again.
We would appreciate it if you would email us to confirm that you received the
heck or if you wish to speak with someone directly.
xecutive Inquiries
ndependence Blue Cross

ONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This E-Mail is intended only for the use of the
ndividual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that
s privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law.. If
ou have received this communication in error, please do not distribute and
elete the original message. Please notify the sender by E-Mail at the address
hown. Thank you for your compliance.

7 thoughts on “BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD – Worst Company Ever/Never Use

  1. Wow. This is just unbelievable. I’m not sure where the line in the sand exists between a company like this, and an identity thief.I guess the only difference is that Blue Cross may actually give you a(nother) refund. I can’t wait until their next unauthorized deduction from your bank account.


  2. Robert,Time to call the credit card company and inform them of this problem. This is credit card fraud. Contact the local U.S. Attorney’s office Block any futher charges to your current card tell them you lost it after you get the refund. We just signed up with U.S. HealthCare as a result of this bit of nastyness. Get a lawyer these people have deep pockets I’d get some mouth peice to whip up on em just for the principl of the matter. This is stealing I think it’s time to get Alen Spector involved. He is in the fight of his life for his senate seat, get this in the news make these creap shows which they had nevr done this. No wonder we have socialized medical care after companies suck money out of your account for a policy that does not exist. Get interest. Where is their office I’ll call channel six action news. This ought to be a great advertisement to stay away from Blue Cross. We did.


  3. Another Update:After more time spent on the phone, Blue Cross “wire transferred” the money back into my bank account. Unfortunately, my bank charges a $15 fee to have money wired into my account. Total BS, not very happy with corporate America at the moment, Jaclyn won’t let me watch Fight Club.


  4. I too have been a victim of Blue Cross not giving me a refund.I purchased insurance in January and then found out my cobra coverage was extended. I promptly cancled the new policy and was told a refund will arrive in 4 weeks.It is now May and several call later I am told they need to still review my request before a refund will be issued.I now need to buy insurance as my Cobra in ending. I need my refund money to pay a deposit for the new insurance. BXBS told me if I sign up with them I can pay the deposit after they send my refund. Guess what I am not signing with them and will be talking to the local Boston media about their refund policys.


  5. This is stealing I think it’s time to get Alen Spector involved. He is in the fight of his life for his senate seat, get this in the news make these creap shows which they had nevr done this.


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