When The Cats Away, The Mice Will Play

Jaclyn is having an all girls getaway this weekend and I’ll be handling the parenting duties!  Can you imagine if I was your Dad and we had to spend a whole weekend together….I know what you’re thinking, greatest time ever!  You’re not too far off my friends, Winston, Dalia, and I have a full agenda this weekend and it all starts off on Saturday morning as we head to the Shad Festival in Lambertville.  I think this will be my 4th consecutive year attending and I can’t wait for the kids to take in all the sites and sounds.  The kids are tired of the stroller and Winston’s getting too big for it, so I made an investment to help one father manage two children, a big Radio Flyer wagon with seats, cup holders, and seat belts.  I assembled the wagon last night around 9PM (the kids insisted on sitting inside it while I put it together, which made installing the wheels much more challenging than it should have been) and I took Winston on a test ride through the crisp Warrington night with nothing but the moon and stars to light our way.  Test ride was a success, the wagon handled cracks in the sidewalk with ease and I was impressed with the turning radius, I love my new wagon.

The weather predictions all week indicated that Sunday was supposed to be a complete rainout.  I wasn’t too disappointed because I sprained my knee and was hoping softball would be canceled so I could recuperate.  Today’s weather report predicted a sunny Sunday, so I’m going to find out a way to play softball and then take the kids and our new wagon to A-Day at Del Val.  

A weekend with Dad.  Which will include, but not be limited to, pizza, forgetting to pack a change of clothes and maybe diapers, sunscreen, dead fish, barnyard animals, live music, staying up late watching movies, and funnel cake.  I really love hanging out with Winston and Dalia, they are so adventurous, curious, boundless, and tireless, perfect partners for adventure. 

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