Attended a wedding in Bayonne, NJ a couple weekends ago.  Here’s a snippet of conversation:

RKDeem: Who are those poor kids stuck up on the stage behind the minister?
Wife:  Those are alter boys.
RKDeem:  How come they have to be here on a Saturday afternoon for a wedding for people they don’t even know?
Wife:  That’s all part of being an alter boy.
RKDeem:  Holy cow, that stinks for them, do they get paid?
RKDeem:  I still think they should get paid.

Attended Shad Fest with the kids this weekend.  We were watching a row boat row across the river that was dragging a big net in an attempt to net shad that were migrating upstream.  We are on an island on the Delaware River.  Winston declares that he needs to the bathroom.  We are nowhere near a bathroom and he is indicating the situation is urgent.  I ask my sister to watch Dalia and I take Winston deep into the woods to hopefully introduce him to the art of public urination.  We walk about a mile down a trail trying to find a spot that is totally secluded where Winston can relieve himself.  I first encouraged him to go in his diaper, but that is beneath him now that he is potty trained.  We find a spot that has a semblance of privacy and I encourage him to pee.  He can’t pull his pants down.  My plan has totally backfired now, Winston is requiring assistance, and there would be nothing worse than some hiker seeing an older man disrobing a 3 year old in the woods.  Winston is flipping out, he really needs to pee.  I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.  What do I do?  I quickly yank his pants down and tell him to go, pronto!  He immediately starts to pee and gets it all over my feet.  These types of scenarios are exactly why my wife is reluctant to leave the kids with her husband.  I return to Dalia and my sister, dip my feet in the freezing waters of the Delaware River.  

Blue Cross Blue Shield just sent me a check for the $15 for the wire transfer fee.  I am hoping that is the final interaction I have to have with them.  

I don’t want you all to think I am a curmudgeon, so I wanted to pass along that I recently had an incredible customer service experience with T-Mobile.  They were very proactive and took excellent care of me, they have earned my  cell phone business for another 2 years. 

2 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Were you wearing your “newbie knight” tshirt from Buckingham Elementary School? That would have completed the scene of you pulling Winston’s pants down behind some bush in the woods.Love the husband/wife dialog!


  2. my mom made me “try out” as an alter boy when i was in elementary school. i hated church and didn’t want to do it. i stood in the back and watched what the alter boys did. apparently seeing what it was like behind the scenes was supposed to make me want to sign up.all the glitz and glamour aside, the only thing i remember was that the priest signaled to me about 4 times to take my hands out of my pockets. apparently having your hands in your pockets is disrespectful toward god. man, god can be picky. thats a great rule, really something i believe in to this day. what was better? shad fest this year when your kid p*ssed on your feet? or shad fest last year when your mom got heat stroke? tough call huh? just kidding, i’m sure we would all choose getting peed on over one of our loved ones being sick. but i still thought it was a funny thing to ask. how about this: what would be better? me peeing on your feet or dave peeing on your feet? discuss amongst yourselves.


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