I remember when I was a kid, I used to always drink 99% of the Iced Tea in the fridge because we had a rule that the person who finished it, had to make a new batch.  We always had the tiniest bit of Iced Tea sitting in the fridge, sometimes I’d even hold a grudge against the rest of my family for not finishing the last 1% of the Iced Tea so a new batch would be made for me. 

As a kid, you really only see the world through your own eyes.  There’s probably a million other examples of me being a complete jackass and I never even realized it at the moment.  As wonderful as kids are, they can also be really stubborn. 

I am very patient, I can ask Winston about 199 times to not splash the water from the bathtub onto the bathroom floor, but he’ll do it a 200th time.  I can ask Winston not to hit his sister 199 times, but he’ll still hit her a 200th time.  I can tell Winston that he’s not getting a toy on our trip to Target, but he’ll still ask 1,000,000 times. 

While my first thought is that my kid is a complete knucklehead, upon further reflection, I realize that I am just starting to become less of a knucklehead myself.  As Mother’s Day is approaching, I recommend you all think about the stupid and irritating things you’ve probably done while you were growing up and thanking her for her patience. 

5 thoughts on “Kids

  1. I’m still looking for the 8 ball who used to leave the top loose or completely off on 2 liter bottles of soda and put them back in the refridge. and when I find them!!!


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