Mother’s Day Train Adventure

This weekend we had the idea to take Winston and Dalia on the SEPTA train to Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market.  Winston loves trains and Dalia is always up for adventure, so we packed our bags, rushed to the Warminster train station and ran through the parking lot to catch our train. 

To really understand how challenging this train ride was with these two kids, I need you to imagine going deep into a rain forest, capturing two wild monkies and putting them in a locked crate.  You then board a train to head back into civilization and the crates break and the monkies escape.  Imagine the pandimonium, imagine the monkies running all over the train, climbing over seats, licking windows, screaming, and throwing food.  That is what it was like with my two kids. 

Having two insane kids on the train isn’t so bad if everyone is happy and in good spirits.  Unfortunately, all the other passengers on the train aren’t on for a fun adventure into Philadelphia, everyone else is on the train because they have to be.  They sit with their heads down, motionless, expressionless, void of energy, and not the most kid friendly people.  We did our best to contain the wild monkies, we wrestled with them, tried to restrain them, but we were no match. 

We made it to the Reading Terminal Market and enjoyed superb cuisine.  I had a pizza steak sandwich, Jaclyn had some greek food, and the kids had mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.  We also came home with chocolates and an outstanding cookie from the 4th Street Deli.  We also wondered around the Gallery Mall and eventually found our way back to the Market East Station to home back home. 

We all slept very hard on Sunday night, but I think it was a good Mother’s Day for Jaclyn. 

Saturday is Jaclyn’s Birthday, so wish her a happy birthday if you see her.

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