Enough Already With Pictures Of Cakes

Had a lot of fun at Jaclyn’s birthday party. She mentioned that not a enough pictures were taken of her at the event, so if you have any pictures of her, please pass along. I am not much of a photographer, I’m just not that into documented stuff. Women take pictures of everything, keep Hallmark cards for years, and cherish strange momentos like baby teeth and hair clippings from their children. I’ve been seeing a lot of women take pictures of birthday cakes recently and I think that is just about the most useless waste of digital space imaginable, really, who looks back at a picture of a cake and gets excited? If that picture could somehow come to life and I could taste the cake again, then I’d be all for it. I was at a wedding and Jaclyn took pictures of the centerpiece, a picture of flowers, my mind just can’t put it together, but I guess I do things that make no sense to her.

Recently, I’ve begun collecting baseball cards again. Nothing expensive, just weird cards that I’ve always wanted of some of the unusual characters in baseball. I picked up Bob Uecker’s rookie card, an autographed Charlie Manuel card from when he played with the Japanese team called the kintetsu Buffaloes, and Michael Jordan’s only major league baseball card from his brief stint with the Chicago Whitesox. In the future, I plan on obtaining an autographed baseball from Yogi Berra with his famous quote of “Winning is 90 percent mental and the other half is physical.” Baseball card collecting is to Jaclyn what cake photos are to me.

Can’t get a good night’s rest, kids are always piling into our bed and waking me up a 100 times. I’d love to sleep in my car tonight, I’m thoroughly exhausted.

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