Mini Jackets

Okay, one more vent on strange things women do…mini jackets!  First of all, who the heck came up with the idea that a super small jacket would be a good idea?  Mini Jackets are the inverse to MC Hammer’s humongous pants.  Yesterday I saw a tall skinny woman wearing a mini jacket, even mini-er than the jacket pictured above.  It would have been too small for my 1 year old daughter, Dalia.  My first thought was that it was a weird style choice, but then I thought about the logistics, is it tough for women to get their arms into those little jackets?  I know if I wore a jacket suitable for Winston, I would have difficulty getting my arms into it.  Anyways, RKDeem has officially outlawed mini jackets starting this Friday.  If you wish to wear a mini jacket, you only have 4 more days, after Friday, I will take a picture of you in your mini jacket, post to my blog, and you up for insurance coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

9 thoughts on “Mini Jackets

  1. This is why I love your blog.My personal favorite mini jacket is worn by a fat woman. And my all time favorite look is that of a woman that decided to walk through a carwash. The extra-super-tight jeans paired with a tiny shirt and mini jacket. I can’t imagine how they can move with any agility in this kind of outfit. They are more like a wounded gazelle. But maybe that’s the point.


  2. I am using some of my birthday funds and getting myself a couple of cropped jackets- not sure if that falls within your ban. I am not kidding, though. Go ahead and blue cross me.


  3. Questioney,Is it cool to wear the mini jacket with the hi water, pedal pusher, capri pants?Just wondering because I have no fashion sense.Boy I am so glad men don’t have these kinds of Fashion Faux Pas! I rely on Bob’s fashion sense to get it right. Boy, am I in trouble. Who stole the ice cream novelties? F.F.


  4. I thought fashion was never about practicality thats why they call it fashionable. I’m going to shrink one of my hooded sweatshirts and get with this program. I totally missed the Bee Gee’s era of big white belts and the one piece white polyester jump suits. I’m not missing this current trend too! I’m changing my name to Pa Diddy


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