Bucks County Recommendations

Recently we hired a new employee at the company I work at, he asked if I could pass along some local advice as he had to relocate to take the position. I figured I’d post it for anyone else who Googles the same question.. If you have any other recommendations I missed, please post in the comments section.

Here are my favorite places of Bucks County & beyond:

Hidden Gem – Hamilton’s Grill Room
Located just on the other side of the Delaware River in the quaint town of Lambertville (NJ) is an outstanding restaurant hidden down an alley called Hamilton’s Grill Room. Locals will know where it is, otherwise, you’ll probably need a GPS. Even when you get there, you might not know you’re there. You have to park on the street and then walk down a path between two buildings in what is known as the Porkyard. The meal will set you back about $50 a person, but at least you can bring your own bottle of wine. Before or after your meal, be sure to stop and have a drink at the Boathouse, an even tinier hideaway in the same courtyard that serves potent cocktails in an jazzy eclectic setting.

Best Church Food – Marsha Brown’s
Outstanding restaurant with a lean towards Louisiana’s Creole flavor situated smack in the middle of New Hope, PA. Everything about Marsha Brown’s leaves an impression on you, the portions are large, the flavors are bold, and the ambiance is a strange mixture of being inside a former church with high ceilings, stained glass, and the class and sophistication of an upscale restaurant. A unique experience and there’s plenty to do in New Hope afterwards if you’re with friends or on a date.

Weekend In Doylestown – Bars To Hit Up
Here’s how to navigate the bar scene in Doylestown. First off, watch out for the First Friday of every month, they hold a big town festival every First Friday and it gets packed and makes finding a parking spot difficult. The only other consideration is you should try to go when the weather is nice, lots of excellent outdoor seating and people watching. Here’s how I’d approach a weekend night in Doylestown: I’d start off at Puck ( http://www.pucklive.com/ ) which has great outdoor seating and usually has live music. You want to go on a nice day because you’ll want to sit outside and watch the Phillies being shown on their outside brick wall with a projector, excellent beer selection with my favorite being the Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale. Next you can head over to Bobby Simones (http://www.ilovebobbys.com/) for more outdoor dining & drinking. Bobby Simones occasionally hosts the best local band, The Raggamuffins, they are incredible. If you’re ready to head inside, hit up The Other Side or Stephanie’s. Avoid Finney’s, The Amber Inn, and Mugg’s On Main Street. Once the bar’s begin to shut down, it is imperative that you walk down to the Steak & Hoagie Factory and have a Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak at 2AM.

Cheap, But Good Eats – Rey Azteca
This is the cheapest Mexican Food in Bucks County, but it is excellent and the portions are usually huge. One other bonus is that you can bring your own beer, wine, or liquor. Located in the Warminster area. http://www.yelp.com/biz/rey-azteca-warminster

Heading To Philly – Anything Stephen Starr (Buddakan, El Vez, The Continental, Continental Midtown, Parc, Jones, etc.)
Go to this website and check out any of his restaurants, they are all top-notch, packed with customers, stylish, excellent food, diverse menus, and a terrific cocktail selection. http://www.starr-restaurant.com/

Local Summer Recreation – Tubing
In the summer, almost everyone takes one tubing trip down the Delaware River. The water is crystal clear, mostly cruises along at a lazy pace, and a very relaxing way to pass 4 or 7 hours. There’s a couple companies out there that will provide you with a tube, drive you up the river in a school bus, and when you float down the river back to their place, you just hand them back your tube, get into your car and drive home. You can also rent rafts and kayaks, if you’re into fishing, there’s tons of bass that are fairly easy to catch.

Softball League
Here’s the website of the local league I play in. You can post yourself as a free agent and you’ll probably get some emails from interested teams.. They post stats on the web site and it is very organized.

Fireworks in New Hope every Friday night. Probably a cool thing to watch from the big bridge that you can walk across.

Hope this helps turn you into a local in no time flat. If you need anything else, let me know!

5 thoughts on “Bucks County Recommendations

  1. The Boat House bar is right across the alley from the Hamilton Grill sit upstairs if possible you will see everyone as that is where the bathrooms are. Sometimes crazy scenery. Also in Lambertville, Bell’s Bar good Italian Food cash only and just past there Thai Tida great Thai food reasonable BYOB, closed Tuesdays. I’ve just got to get up to the newly renovated Black Bass Inn in Lumberville.


  2. Fireworks, I guess it’s that time of year again, isn’t it? I just can’t believe that it’s July already. That means it’s about time for my 1 year wedding anniversary and it feels just like yesterday.


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