Looking Ahead

Went to Genuardi’s yesterday to buy some apple juice for the kids.  At check out the teenage girl asked if I needed help out to my car with the bottle of apple juice.  I asked her if it was a requirement to offer that service, she said yes.  Here’s my take, asking someone if they need help out to their car is like asking someone if they are mentally retarded.  No, I am a capable human being, I can manage to get the juice out to my car.  Do you need help counting my change?  My advice, don’t make this a mandatory requirement that staff offer this service, even though it is well intentioned. 

Heading down to North Carolina’s Outer Banks tomorrow for a fishing trip, can’t wait to go out into the gulf stream and try to get tangled up with a monster from the deep.  I’ll try to take some photos and post my bounty on the web.

14 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. Dude, there is about a thousand pictures of you pretending to be retarded. I would have expected to see at least one, if not more. Get on your game, Rob.Funny post though.


  2. i’m ok with them asking. some people that need help hesitate to ask for it and this may make them feel more comfortable. shame on you Rob! Shame on you!F dave.


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