Men Without Women

Went down to the Outer Banks with my brother and father from Thursday to Sunday. 

Traveled great distance to get to boat, boarded the boat and pushed miles into the ocean until reaching Gulf Stream, waves crashed over side of boat filling it with water, caught and killed dozens of fish resulting in blood stains on shirt, and feasted on red meat and ale. 

Came home with a belly ache and was very happy to see my wife and kids, I missed them, I guess I’m getting soft.

I will post a video of my brother’s fight with a white marlin when I have a chance, pretty intense battle between man, fish, and a volatile ocean.  

Every year when the carnival comes around, an annual tradition for me is to pay the dollar to use the sledge hammer and see if I can still make the metal ball travel up the post and hit the bell to win a prize.  So far, I can still can do it, but a part of me always worries that this year I’ll miss it, it is a relief when I crush the base and hear that bell ring again.  You never want to get soft and these fishing trips are sort of similar, you get out there and harken back into a primordial state of being which offers a wonderful sense of perspective.  You’re not in a climate controlled office with artificial incandescent lighting, you’re not at Acme buying your dinner, you’re not in a car driving on a paved road, you’re faced with the wind, big waves, a boat that shakes and rattles, you’re working to lure an animal to bite, then you do your best to muscle it into your boat.  It feels good to know that you can still do it, it feels good to be capable of existing on your own.  

If anyone needs mahi mahi, let me know, I have plenty of extremely fresh fish in a cooler for you.    

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