Sea Shore

Winston, Dalia, Jaclyn and I met my parents for a nice day at the shore on Saturday.  We started our day on my parent’s boat in the bay.  We took a short drive out in the boat and found a nice little cover where a creek spilled out and we anchored up and dropped some crab lines over the side.  The weather was superb, a little hot, but a steady breeze always cooled us off.  Within minutes we started feeling the crabs on our crab lines and we’d hoist them up from the bottom and capture them with a net.  For a moment, we thought about cooking a couple up, but it’s just too much work to get the meat out and maybe the process of boiling them alive would have been traumatic to our children, so we just played with them for a bit.  The feisty crabs eager for a fight amused the heck out of our children.  When the angry crab would aggressively try to pinch anything in close proximity, Winston and Dalia would laugh hysterically.  It’s funny that they think pissed off crabs are funny. 

They kids started touching all the buttons on my parent’s boat and Winston became intent on going overboard so we decided to head back to the marina around 1PM.  My parents dropped us on the dock, they hopped back into the boat and went back exploring.  My wife, kids, and I stepped into our Santa Fe and headed south to Ocean City, NJ. 

We spent about 4 hours on the boardwalk, the kids loved looking at all the hermit crab displays.  Pretty amazed that we were able to make it off the boardwalk without purchasing one.  The other highlight was more amusement park rides, including a monstrous ferris wheel that loomed over the city.  Around 5PM we headed down to the beach because you didn’t need to pay after 5PM.  We spent a couple hours finding sea shells and playing in the surf.  Water was intolerably cold, but Winston rolled around in it like a baby seal, oblivious to the temperature.  

We hit up Smitty’s Clam Bar at Somers Point on the way home, delicious, fair priced seafood.  It is very popular as the parking lot was packed with people waiting to get in.  People are allowed to drink beers or wine in the parking lot while waiting, so it resembled a Phillies tailgating party.  Oh, it is BYOB too, so people are literally drinking beers from a cooler in the parking lot waiting for their number to be called.  We just wanted takeout, so we walked up to the counter and grabbed our meal in about 10 minutes.  It was delicious.

7 thoughts on “Sea Shore

  1. The Dadly est Catch Crab crew experience was enhanced by Dalia’s humming. I finally had to to ask what in the world is she humming, Jackie answer the music from Jaws.Very funny all crabs after a brief encounter with Winston at the helm of some stainless steel kitchen tongs were released physically unharmed. Mentally the Jimmies will never be the same.


  2. do strangers comment on your blog posts? Rkdeemreport seems very popular. I think Winston and Dalia will be little water lovers… maybe winston will grow up to be a shark and Dalia a mermaid.


  3. The blog has been getting between 500 -1000 hits a week lately. I think Google may have changed something so that all my old blog entries are now more searchable. I also think the random blog posts come from robot advertisers trying to get people to visit their sites.


  4. I love Smitty’s! The environment is absolutely perfect for a sunny Saturday afternoon. Glad to hear someone else is enjoying the fabulous clams it has to offer!


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