Exhausting The Children

Hello Everyone!

We used to live in an apartment in Frenchtown and our laundry room was downstairs in the basement. I used to try to cram all my clothing into a duffel bag to transport downstairs into the basement. There was so much laundry, it should have required two duffel bags to contain all the clothing, but since I only had one duffel bag, I’d pack it into the single bag so hard and make it all fit in. I believe that the seams eventually ripped and I adopted the laundry basket moving forward. This is what my days feel like lately, but I am not complaining, its just been crazy. The problem is, my wife and kids are kind of sucked into my whirlwind of activities and Jaclyn has explained that this might have detrimental effects on the children. I can see her point, taking the kids on weekend adventures, taking them to the beach, late night fireworks, and all over town exhausts adults, so it probably has an effect on toddlers too.

My goal is to fill my kids brains with amazing sights, sounds, smells, tastes, colors, and sensations. They usually appreciate the adventure and while they may only retain small portions of it now, I think there’s a subconscious expansion taking place that opens up doors to what is possible.

With Jaclyn working two nights a week, my mad scientist approach to parenting has increased it’s scope from weekends only to weekends plus Tuesdays and Thursdays. This has Jaclyn nervous and she asked that I do my best to add some sort of more relaxed routine into the weeknights, try to get them to understand that 8:30PM is a reasonable bedtime, opposed to chasing lightning bugs or starting a late night movie. It’s a tough thing to admit, but she’s probably right for the weeknights.

Friday night I took the kids to see the fireworks in New Hope, a beautiful show, a great event for a date. The fireworks are shot from a barge in the middle of the river and it was a worthy show. It lasted about 15 to 20 minutes and looked beautiful with the reflections and Delaware Valley scenery. Saturday we looked at the house we’re going to buy, I am very excited, I think our patience has paid off. Sunday was hot and the highlight was sitting on the front porch watching the lightning, then hearing the thunder, and even feeling the rain showers soak us. Jaclyn just stood in the rain, soaking it in, some people may have thought she was crazy, but it really was perfect.

Thanks for reading, lots more to write and post, maybe if the kids go to bed around 8:30PM, I’ll be able to get around to it!

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