Trying To Find A Home

My family has been searching for a home and it has been a long and sometimes frustrating process.  I suppose our home search could have begun at a worse time, like at the height of the real estate bubble, but searching at the tail end of the bubble wasn’t much better because most sellers preferred to have their house sit on the market for over a year than lower their price.  We started our search looking for bargains, trying to get our foot in the door in a home that needed some TLC, but even the properties that required TLC were generally above our price range.  I finally budged and increased our price limit. 

Well, it seems like it is about 99% certain that we’re going to buy Jaclyn’s Grandmother’s home in Hartsville, PA.  Jaclyn’s Grandmother was planning on selling the home because she is moving to Pine Run and we love the location, it is almost exactly in between Jaclyn’s parent’s house and my parent’s house.  It is a 4 bedroom home and has a nice yard for the kids to play in.  Jaclyn’s Grandmother had lived there for over 40 years and has invested a lot into making it into her perfect home, we’re very excited to continue that tradition and add even more great memories.

The terms have been agreed upon and Jaclyn’s Grandmother will be moving in early September, so our goal is to settle by late August.  

As far as the mortgage and stuff goes, I’ve been pre-approved, I just need to secure the closing costs and send some stuff to my bank so they can complete underwriting.  I also need to get a lawyer who can help draft the agreement.  I’m very excited that I do not have to use a real estate agent, you know my feelings on real estate agents!  I’m sure real estate agents feel the same way about pharmaceutical marketers and I don’t blame them.  Anyone want to recommend a lawyer?   

9 thoughts on “Trying To Find A Home

  1. By the way, sorry to the subscribers who received 3 different emails saying that I posted last night, not sure why that happened.


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