Lost A Tooth…Maybe In TD Bank

Okay, I am really not proud to admit this, but there’s a possibility that I misplaced my tooth in a coin counting machine in TD Bank. 

Here’s the deal, my replacement tooth was on the desk in my bedroom when I woke up this morning.  Then I got dressed for work and put it into my pocket because I thought that there was a possibility that the dentist would see me sometime today and put it back into my mouth.  Then I grabbed my big change jar, because I wanted to cash it in during my lunch break because it was getting so heavy I thought our shelf was going to break that housed the jar. 

I get into work and call the dentist and they said that they can squeeze me in at 7PM.  At lunch I head to TD Bank with my change jar and dump it into the coin counting machine.  As the coin counting machine is counting the coins, I realize that I have 75 cents in my pocket and throw it into the machine to be added to the total. 

Fast forward to 5PM, I am starting to shut down at work and I check my pocket for the tooth, it’s not in there.  I look around my desk and cannot locate the tooth.  It must have fallen out of my pocket in the car, I check the floor all around my car seat and see no signs of the tooth. 

I think I may have grabbed the tooth with the 75 cents and tossed into into the coin counting machine, I hope that’s not the case, but it cannot be ruled out.   

2 thoughts on “Lost A Tooth…Maybe In TD Bank

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