Capturing Memories

Winston is now capable of holding conversations.  I would say his ability to communicate in English is like my ability to communicate in Spanish, I’d survive, but it would be very difficult to hold a lengthy conversation.  I asked Winston, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Winston’s response, “I want to be a….  I want to be a….  I want to be a…….”

At this point, I’m on the edge of my seat, thinking he’s really processing thousands of awesome careers, such as fireman, police man, train conductor, fisherman, a daddy, or astronaut.  He’s really thinking this one out before he just blurts out something.

He continues, “I want to be a…. I want to be a….I want to be a……COW!”

My son wants to be a cow.  Maybe he was from India in a past life, a hindu worshipper of cows.  Cows are pretty cool, milk, burgers, their dung can be used as firewood, and I think their flatulence could be turned into some sort of energy too. 

Dalia doesn’t understand the meaning of “No”, for example, you could be enjoying a Twizzler and Dalia will start screaming stomping, and reaching for the Twizzler you are eating.  You will hold it out and ask her if she wants the Twizzler and she’ll say, “Noooo”.  You resume eating the Twizzler and she flips out again. Dalia also says “Mommy” all the time.  If Jaclyn goes to the bathroom, Dalia stands outside the bathroom door and will wail, “Mommy, mommy, mommy”. 

One last story that I do not want to be forgotten.  Winston was using the bathroom, when Winston goes to the bathroom by himself, he always takes off all of his clothing.  Winston was in there with the door closed almost all the way, about a half inch of the door was still open.  Dalia walks over to the bathroom and peeks into the opening, all the sudden, the door busts open, a naked Winston jumps out and tackles Dalia.  They both fell to the floor and started laughing hysterically.  It was one of the weirdest moments, couldn’t really comprehend what was happening, but happy they were happy for the moment. 

I love these kids.  I look at their little veins and it is amazingly complex, absolute miracle that they were made inside Jaclyn.  As much as death scares the heck out of me and wish it never happened, I am equally as amazed by the miracle of children.  Something much bigger than me is at work here, be it evolution, God, or a combination of both, but when I see the miracle of children, I know that there’s something bigger at play and I trust it. 

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