Leaving Park City Utah

My collected thoughts as I prepare to leave Utah:

1.  At 9,000 feet above sea level, you feel really out of shape.  Everyone from the East Coast is out of breath when they go up a single flight of stairs.
2.  The theme here is kind of weird, it is like they crossed the Poconos with Rodeo Drive.  The rustic theme is best executed when the buildings use enormous trees or logs as dramatic pillars or frames in the home.  It is striking to see a tree with a 3 or 4 foot diameter running from floor to ceiling. 
3.  Summer here is pretty nice and there’s plenty to do if you like hiking, biking, fishing, extreme sports, or just riding a chair lift on a beautiful day.  I’ve heard that the hotel rates more than double in the winter, so if you need to check out Utah, do it in the summer.
4.  I am feeling homesick for the first time in awhile, looking forward to seeing the family when I get home. 
5.  Never adjusted to Mountain Time, looking forward to being back on EST.
6.  Restaurants are very expensive here, but so far they’ve all been worth it.

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