I’m A Homeowner

We closed on our new home.  Here’s an interesting fact, this will be our 4th home in 4 years! 

2007 – Living in Frenchtown, working for Torre Lazur McCann in Parsippany, Winston born.
2008 – Laid off from TLM, work for Scout, move to Doylestown. Dalia born.
2009 – Career with Scout ends, become consultant, move to Warrington
2010 – Become employee with pharmaceutical company, buy home in Hartsville

Busy 4 years, lots of jobs, habitats, and kids. 

I’d say that my life has picked up speed like a snowball, it starts off pretty easy, but eventually school picks up, sports take up a lot of time, then girlfriends enter the picture, then college, college jobs, real job, car payments, insurance, etc. The pace got slightly faster and faster, now it sometimes feels like I’m riding a bicycle powered by a jet engine.  

The actual date of closing is a piece of cake, just sign a bunch of stuff, hand over a check, take the keys and you’re done.  Jac has been packing up all of our stuff and we both agree the house is much nicer to live in without as much stuff laying around.  We’re hoping that this begins a new chapter of fewer “events” and our lives.  We have two great kids, an excellent marriage, and now a perfect home, now I just need to unpack my recliner and relax for a bit.  

RKDeem Report

Our mortgage situation is good, we are now final approved and from what I understand, we are all set to close on Monday, August 30, 2010.  I expect us to be in this home until I am about 55 years old, at which time, I plan on moving down to the Florida Keys (assuming it is not covered in oil or completely under water from global warming by then).  Kids should be finishing college at this point, so I’ll be ready to enjoy the good life drinking margaritas, which fishing for tarpon on the flats.  

I am nearly 100% certain that this softball season will be my last with the Bulldogs.  As time becomes premium, I am forced to prioritize, a couple hours every weekend are becoming increasingly more valuable.  

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you updated on the home and the process of closing.  Thanks again for all your support!


Happy Birthday Kate

My little sister has a birthday coming up this Sunday, I’m not sure how old she’ll be, I think she’s six years younger than me, will she be 26?  My sister and I have mostly gotten along over the years, we’ve had some pretty big fights here and there, but it has been a good relationship overall.  Kate and my father our the most painfully honest people I know.  I know many honest people, but a lot of them, myself included, have a filter or way of shaping some of the harder facts to deal with so they don’t ruffle feathers, Kate and Dad do not have this filter, and the older I get, the more I appreciate their honesty.  I think the experience can be jarring at times, you’re not used to that level of constructive honesty, but at the end of the day, you know exactly how they feel.  I remember when we were trying to decide on the names of our second child, we didn’t know if it was a boy or girl, so we were coming up with names for both scenarios, we ran everything by Kate because she’d provide direct feedback and some of her feedback was hysterical.  I was strongly considering the name Layla, Kate’s response was, “Layla, you can’t name her that, kids will be saying, ‘Layla – wanna get laid?”  Honestly, who thinks of stuff like that?  Anyone else would have said, “Oh, Layla is a nice name.”

Kate hustles, plays hard, works harder, and is always there if you need her.  These are very admirable traits and she deserves the good fortune coming her way.  She is closing on a home, she’s about to be married in December to a stand up guy, and has received great affection from Winston & Dalia.  Thank you for all your help, love, and honesty!

Have a happy birthday Kate, may your wishes all come true!

Long Time From Now

Winston and I had a disagreement last night.  He got really upset, screamed, cried, and tried to beat me up.  Poor little guy ran full speed into me as his attack method and bounced backwards and landed on his butt. 

I remember disagreeing with my father, sometimes I could understand his point, but considered his position to be much tougher than the parents of my other friends.  As a kid, your ability to calculate the appropriateness of your father’s discipline is constrained by your limited perspective.  Examples include, “Why the hell does he flip out if I’m not home at 5PM for dinner, what difference does 5 minutes make?”, “Why does he make me wash and vacuum his cars every weekend?”  “What does he want my help for when it comes to fixing the bathtub faucet?”, “My seventh grade grades don’t go on my final record, why is he so mad that I’m a C student?  That’s average right?  It’s not like I’m failing!”  

Well, as I get older and have integrated into the real world and have assumed the responsibility of trying to raise children myself, I have to finally admit, he did have a point to all of it, even if I didn’t understand it at the moment.  I think that’s a big challenge as a parent, you have all this perspective and you want to share that with your children, but they feel very confident making decisions based on their limited perspective.  It would be like going to a land where it rained hundreds of dollars every day and trying to convince the residents to work hard and save money in the event that it stopped raining hundreds of dollars every day, the residents would look at you like you were an idiot.   

I am a big fan of letting them learn from their mistakes and my kids are making many of them (as they accumulate an unprecedented amount of bumps and scrapes).  Now I’m trying to make them learn from me and that’s going to be a long and very difficult challenge for me and the kids.  So, I am sure I’ll face sprinkles of resentment for the next 20 years, but if Winston and Dalia can someday think that it  was consistent and all made sense, it will be worth it.



In the middle of last night, Dalia snuck out of her bedroom and began rattling the metal baby gate that prevents her from going downstairs.  The metal shook and caused quite a stir, I was happy to ignore until it woke the dog and the dog began barking.  This goofiness is pretty constant, I love these kids, but they enjoy causing trouble.  

For about 8 days, I averaged 4 or 5 hours of rest.  I ended up getting pretty sick.  I feel much better now that I’ve slept two nights in a row for nearly 8 hours each night.

Laurie and Lev are now married, the kids weren’t too interested in all the ceremony, but they were excited to be included in the festivities.  Winston told me that Dalia looked like a princess, which made me happy.  

We’re trying to settle the home at the end of this month, there’s still a couple loose ends and my fingers are crossed that they all come together.  Regardless of what happens, we’re on the right track.  

I’m looking forward to having a date with my wife soon, I haven’t been able to enjoy her company enough lately.  Any good date ideas? 


I’m trying to join the mile high club of blogging. Now US Airways is
offering wifi on their longer flights so I am surfing the web and
loving the service (first time US Airways and love were in the same

I am on my way to Denver and I have heard many great things about the
city. My favorite summary was made by Jack Keruoac in his masterpiece,
On The Road. He left an impression on me that made Denver seem
entirely composed of burnt out philosophers fresh from psych wards
where they suffered from schitzophrenia. Jack hung with a strange
crowd though, so maybe you just have to know the right people.

I am a happy man right now, we have a signed agreement of sale,
everything is on track for us to be home owners (owner is definitely
not the right term, more like “people living in a home that they will
be making monthly mortgage payments for the next 30 years until they
actually own the home.”

Family is good, feel like work and family both want a lot of me and I
always try to ensure family wins that tug of war. I know my work
appreciates the things I do, but nothing compares to the kids running
to me when I come home, giving me a huge hug and an ample kiss from my
wife. Feel busy, but extremely lucky.

Riding the Plane

Sunday, August 1 – Depart Philly at 9PM to Fort Lauderdale
Monday, August 2 – Arrive in Fort Lauderdale at 12:15AM.  Shuttle to rental car facility, rent compact car, head to hotel in Boca Raton, check in at 1:15AM, worker at the front desk asks if I want a wake up call, I said “yes” for 6:15AM, he says, “I’m sorry.” Asleep by 1:30AM
Monday, August 2 (after sleep) – Ring, ring!  It is 6:15AM, gotta shower, shave, dress and head to 7AM breakfast in Delray Beach with training manager.  Finish breakfast and head to training session where I talk all about disease state and how our products work to a call center.   Head back to hotel in late afternoon, sleep.  Wake up, eat dinner, and go back to bed. 
Tuesday, August 3 – Wake up at 4:30AM, shower, dress, pack and return compact car to airport, catch 7:50AM flight home and read the funniest book I’ve read in years, “Shit My Dad Says”.  Pick up dry cleaning, get haircut, and head into work.  Working currently, but very tired.
Wednesday, August 4- Normal day of work, hope to have signed agreement of sale by both parties on future home!
Thursday, August 5 – Head to Denver for meeting with sales advisory board
Friday, August 6 – Head home from Denver

Can’t wait to move into my own home, take off my shoes, and sleep on my recliner.  I’m turning into an old man.