Riding the Plane

Sunday, August 1 – Depart Philly at 9PM to Fort Lauderdale
Monday, August 2 – Arrive in Fort Lauderdale at 12:15AM.  Shuttle to rental car facility, rent compact car, head to hotel in Boca Raton, check in at 1:15AM, worker at the front desk asks if I want a wake up call, I said “yes” for 6:15AM, he says, “I’m sorry.” Asleep by 1:30AM
Monday, August 2 (after sleep) – Ring, ring!  It is 6:15AM, gotta shower, shave, dress and head to 7AM breakfast in Delray Beach with training manager.  Finish breakfast and head to training session where I talk all about disease state and how our products work to a call center.   Head back to hotel in late afternoon, sleep.  Wake up, eat dinner, and go back to bed. 
Tuesday, August 3 – Wake up at 4:30AM, shower, dress, pack and return compact car to airport, catch 7:50AM flight home and read the funniest book I’ve read in years, “Shit My Dad Says”.  Pick up dry cleaning, get haircut, and head into work.  Working currently, but very tired.
Wednesday, August 4- Normal day of work, hope to have signed agreement of sale by both parties on future home!
Thursday, August 5 – Head to Denver for meeting with sales advisory board
Friday, August 6 – Head home from Denver

Can’t wait to move into my own home, take off my shoes, and sleep on my recliner.  I’m turning into an old man.

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