I’m trying to join the mile high club of blogging. Now US Airways is
offering wifi on their longer flights so I am surfing the web and
loving the service (first time US Airways and love were in the same

I am on my way to Denver and I have heard many great things about the
city. My favorite summary was made by Jack Keruoac in his masterpiece,
On The Road. He left an impression on me that made Denver seem
entirely composed of burnt out philosophers fresh from psych wards
where they suffered from schitzophrenia. Jack hung with a strange
crowd though, so maybe you just have to know the right people.

I am a happy man right now, we have a signed agreement of sale,
everything is on track for us to be home owners (owner is definitely
not the right term, more like “people living in a home that they will
be making monthly mortgage payments for the next 30 years until they
actually own the home.”

Family is good, feel like work and family both want a lot of me and I
always try to ensure family wins that tug of war. I know my work
appreciates the things I do, but nothing compares to the kids running
to me when I come home, giving me a huge hug and an ample kiss from my
wife. Feel busy, but extremely lucky.

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