Happy Birthday Kate

My little sister has a birthday coming up this Sunday, I’m not sure how old she’ll be, I think she’s six years younger than me, will she be 26?  My sister and I have mostly gotten along over the years, we’ve had some pretty big fights here and there, but it has been a good relationship overall.  Kate and my father our the most painfully honest people I know.  I know many honest people, but a lot of them, myself included, have a filter or way of shaping some of the harder facts to deal with so they don’t ruffle feathers, Kate and Dad do not have this filter, and the older I get, the more I appreciate their honesty.  I think the experience can be jarring at times, you’re not used to that level of constructive honesty, but at the end of the day, you know exactly how they feel.  I remember when we were trying to decide on the names of our second child, we didn’t know if it was a boy or girl, so we were coming up with names for both scenarios, we ran everything by Kate because she’d provide direct feedback and some of her feedback was hysterical.  I was strongly considering the name Layla, Kate’s response was, “Layla, you can’t name her that, kids will be saying, ‘Layla – wanna get laid?”  Honestly, who thinks of stuff like that?  Anyone else would have said, “Oh, Layla is a nice name.”

Kate hustles, plays hard, works harder, and is always there if you need her.  These are very admirable traits and she deserves the good fortune coming her way.  She is closing on a home, she’s about to be married in December to a stand up guy, and has received great affection from Winston & Dalia.  Thank you for all your help, love, and honesty!

Have a happy birthday Kate, may your wishes all come true!

21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kate

  1. Kate is so great! After having drinks about a month ago with her I said to Jac, “Im so happy you married Rob, because now Kate will be forever in our lives!”Happy Birthday kate!!


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