I’m A Homeowner

We closed on our new home.  Here’s an interesting fact, this will be our 4th home in 4 years! 

2007 – Living in Frenchtown, working for Torre Lazur McCann in Parsippany, Winston born.
2008 – Laid off from TLM, work for Scout, move to Doylestown. Dalia born.
2009 – Career with Scout ends, become consultant, move to Warrington
2010 – Become employee with pharmaceutical company, buy home in Hartsville

Busy 4 years, lots of jobs, habitats, and kids. 

I’d say that my life has picked up speed like a snowball, it starts off pretty easy, but eventually school picks up, sports take up a lot of time, then girlfriends enter the picture, then college, college jobs, real job, car payments, insurance, etc. The pace got slightly faster and faster, now it sometimes feels like I’m riding a bicycle powered by a jet engine.  

The actual date of closing is a piece of cake, just sign a bunch of stuff, hand over a check, take the keys and you’re done.  Jac has been packing up all of our stuff and we both agree the house is much nicer to live in without as much stuff laying around.  We’re hoping that this begins a new chapter of fewer “events” and our lives.  We have two great kids, an excellent marriage, and now a perfect home, now I just need to unpack my recliner and relax for a bit.  

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