4 Year Anniversary & 30 Days of Recognition

Holy cow!  Jaclyn and I have added another exciting year to our marriage.  My favorite holiday is New Years Eve because it is a milestone to reflect on what I’ve done, where I’ve been, who’s still alive, who’s no longer with us, and to celebrate it all right now, because you never know what will happen the next year, right after the clock ticks past midnight.  I just love an excuse to take inventory of how great life is and celebrate it.   

4 years ago.  Ceremony at Neshaminy Warwick Church, reception at Font Hill, my friends, my family.  4 and a half years ago from today, I remember telling Jaclyn that we should get married, we’ll have children, we’ll have a house, we’ll be happy, the order of these events will ultimately be non-traditional, but the end product will be incredible.  Looking back, I understand that some things have changed, but I am most fond of the things that have stayed the same.  I see the people who were at Font Hill celebrating our marriage being the same who surround us now. 

I cannot believe how much has happened due to a chance encounter with her at Heller’s Seafood.

Another topic that I wanted to cover is my new goal to post 30 consecutive days of recognition.  I have a busy month ahead and I’m going to try to post quick blogs recognizing useful/annoying characters along the way. 

Day 1 of Recognition – Previous Electrician Of Our New House House
Jac asked that I take down the hood over our oven last night because she was hoping to have a microwave and new hood installed today.  I started unscrewing the hood and realized there were several wires going into the hood that needed to be disconnected.  I am not a handyman, but knew to go to the circuit breaker and turn off the electricity running into the hood before I touched the wires.  None of the circuits are labeled, so I flipped on the light switch in the kitchen and then tried flipping several circuit breakers until the light went out.  Now that I found what I thought to be the circuit breaker that turned off electricity to the hood, I began yanking out wires, one wire touched something and a spark came off, so I realized additional circuit breakers need to be turned off.  Now I turned on the stove under the hood and flipped circuit breakers until that turned off.  With 2 circuit breakers dedicated to the kitchen turned off, I figured I was home free.  I started fiddling with the wires again and got quite a shock!  I was real annoyed now.  I found that one circuit breaker that turned off the electricity in the downstairs bathroom also ran into the oven hood, so I flipped that circuit breaker and finalized the removal of the hood.   

One thought on “4 Year Anniversary & 30 Days of Recognition

  1. Wow,You are on the way to the handyman hall of Fame. An easy unapproved way to find the right breaker is short out the two wires the breaker will trip and wa la. Mark the breakers with a label maker to make your life easier for the next time. Be careful Sparky!!!


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