Day 2 of 30 – Days of Recognition

Matt W. For Drinking Lots of Pepsi
I want to recognize my friend, Matt W. for his addiction to Pepsi.  This resulted in him obtaining numerous soda bottle caps which could be redeemed for baseball hats.  Matt had accumulated enough hats for himself so he offered me the free hat of my choice.  I now have about 10 Phillies hats, so I decided to pick up a Chicago Cubs hat.  Matt placed the order and it arrived earlier this week.  Thank you Matt for drinking lots of Pepsi and for thinking of me! 

I love loyalty programs, I think the most effective loyalty programs were the ones geared towards smokers.  I remember people accruing Marlboro Miles so they could pick up Marlboro Umbrellas, Marlboro Grill Kits, Marlboro Jackets, Marlboro Poker Sets.  I think the government may have such that down.  If a beer company had a loyalty offering, I’d probably turn into an alcholic to get a free cooler.

5 thoughts on “Day 2 of 30 – Days of Recognition

  1. I really like this entry. I never thought about how effective the Marlboro loyalty program was many years ago. I too was a victim of the Marlboro miles program when I was younger and more naive. Looking back now it makes me sick to think about it.


  2. Is this recognition thing going to be in some order of importance? Like #1 and #2 will be “My family is so supportive” and “i have the best wife ever”.that would be too predictable since you write those things all the time. I love the appreciation for the electrician and matt though. its amazing what goes on in that little brain of yours.


  3. Nope, this is not in any order of importance. This is actually an attempt to get away from sentimental postings and to focus on the little things that make me happy or annoy me.


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