Day 3 of 30 – Days of Recognition

Bugs That Live In Our House
For a variety of reasons, we have several bugs living in our home.  We have huge spiders, little fleas, ants, and roaches.  While I do not mind the occasional bug, we seem to be slightly outnumbered and the Mighty Deem is ready to take war to the bugs.  This morning I went to Home Depot before going to work and purchased enough chemicals to take down every bug in Manhattan.  

My mass bugacide begins tomorrow night.  We have to cover floors, remove food, remove plates, close windows, and get the hell out of the house so we aren’t among the casualties.  I plan on beginning Saturday afternoon after my brother’s daughter’s birthday party.  Once the fumigation initiates, we plan on heading to a hotel (via Hilton Honors points) and letting things play out.  

The furniture we ordered awhile back are finally getting delivered next week so we want to make sure the bugs are dealt with before they can take up residence in our new couches.  

I don’t want anyone to get grossed out, in fact, Jac has said that I’m overreacting.  I just want to shut things down on these bugs before they get too comfy. 

21 thoughts on “Day 3 of 30 – Days of Recognition

  1. Good luck, I hope you win. You can’t over do it in the bug wars. Maybe there is a future for you in the exterminating business. The only good bug is a dead bug. I’m never coming over to your place again with out a couple cans of raid in my holsters.


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