Day 8 of 30 Days of Recognition – Bratwurst

The RKDeem family hosted a beer and brats cookout at our new home yesterday.  The main course was bratwurst that had been simmering in beer for about 20 minutes and then finished off on the grill to get them crispie.  The German theme was complimented with German beers which I consumed from a boot.  This was my first time that I can remember eating bratwurst and while I enjoyed them, I’d rather have a Hebrew National hotdog anyday.  This is not a jab at bratwurst, I did consume two of them, but a compliment to the revered hot dog.  Hot dogs do not require significant prep time either, although, waiting nearly a half hour watching brats cook does whip up an appetite.

Jacalope did an excellent job as usual with putting together an awesome shindig.  Thanks to all of you who attended and helped make our house a home, we’re really starting to settle in and enjoy the place.  

Favorite hot dogs:
4.  Ball Park
3.  Nathan’s
2.  Hebrew National
1.  Natual casing hot dogs from None Such Farms (I don’t want to think about the natural casing, but it is the greatest tasting hot dog around 

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