Day 9 of 30 Days of Recognition – Vigilante Canadian Geese Killers

I consider myself very fond of animals, but I hate Canadian Geese.  When I get to work, my parking lot is littered with geese poop.  We used to take my kids for a walk around a pond that was inhabited by many geese, if the kids brought bread, they would surround us and hiss at us until we surrendered all of our bread.  The difference between geese and any other wild animal is that they are not scared of human beings and that arrogance drives me bonkers.  I do not like an animal feeling so comfortable that it can poop on my work’s door step, I do not like animals that go right up to my kids and hiss at them, I do not animals that walk right in front of my car and expect it to stop.  These geese are too empowered, I think it is time America sponsored, “Kill A Canadian Goose Day”.  Everyone could get a ticket that entitled them to kill one goose, I’d collect my familiy’s 4 tickets and give them to my brother who’d be happy to eradicate several on our behalf.  I think this country is ready to kill some of these varmin, but the problem is, very few people want to be the one who’s advocating the killing of helpless animals and many people are willing to stand up in defense of helpless animals, I may be wrong, but I think there’s a lot of you who really would like to see fewer Canadian Geese.  Who’s with me on this, let’s start a movement!  If we don’t do this the right way, we’ll continue to have acts of vigilante justice as noted in the above links.

9 thoughts on “Day 9 of 30 Days of Recognition – Vigilante Canadian Geese Killers

  1. First I think we need to do a name change. Iranian Geese has a nice ring to it. I’m thinking more like kill an Iranian goose month. Sprinkle food in the middle of the turnpike and the Surekill Crawway. That ought to get the party started. Next we can start having Iranian turkey/geese shoot with prizes for most maimed. I’m working some different angles on my end this ain’t over. Maybe force feed them some stuff and make Iranian Fugwah bloated goose liver for the uninformed. I’m on it!


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