Day 10 of 30 Days of Recognition – Fees To Make Payments

I called Verizon today to make a payment over the phone since I was having trouble logging into their web site.  The rat bastards were trying to collect an additional $3 for the convenience of making a payment over the phone through their automated system!  I hung up the phone, called again and pushed zero and pound about 1,000 times until an actual person picked up the phone.  I said you’re website isn’t working and now your phone system is trying to charge me $3, I refuse to pay it.  I will cancel my subscription immediately if you make me pay that $3 fee to pay my bill. 

The customer service agent was polite, she said I needed to download software onto my computer before I could access the online billing.  Unfortunately, I do not have the capability to download it to any of the devices using the internet in my house, so this isn’t an option.  She finally agreed to download all my stuff onto her computer at work and now I have access to online bill payment.  I thanked her for her help.

What really annoys me is that Verizon would charge me $3 for the “convenience” of entering in about 100 different codes, birthdates, social security numbers, account numbers, and never actually talking to a person, just to pay them!  Think about it, they want me to pay them for the privilege of paying them!  Bastards.

That’s kind of how I feel about accountants, it totally sucks to have to pay someone to figure out how much you have to pay the government, I guess they are great if they can keep you out of jail or get you extra money back, but I wish the tax code was simplified so an average citizen could pay their taxes without the need of hired help.

9 thoughts on “Day 10 of 30 Days of Recognition – Fees To Make Payments

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