It Just Fell Over

My fishing trip was canceled due to gale force winds on Friday, it turns out to be a pretty good thing since I came down with an illness comparable to the ebola virus. 

I am reading The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, the book is incredibly depressing.  I think if Winston or Dalia ever wonder why education is important, I’ll make them read that book (hopefully, they’ll be literate!).

My parents had a plastic Christmas Tree that they donated to us for the holidays.  Jac has been trying to convince me to get a real tree, but I haven’t budged.  I just hate watering the thing, picking up the pine needles, digging holes, sawing, and fixing it to our vehicle for transport.  Jaclyn and I were talking in the kitchen as she was making soup last night and we heard the kids playing near the tree.  She was interrupted mid-sentence by the sound of the tree crashing down.  Fortunately it is a plastic tree, that is sparsely decorated with only a couple strands of lights and a diminishing supply of candy canes dangling from it.  We interrogated the children, the little buggers lied through their teeth and said, “It just fell over”.  We tipped the tree back onto the stand and the tree looked exactly as it did before the fall.

Jac and I had a wonderful date at the Black Bass on Saturday.  Ultimately, I enjoyed most our time alone with the ability to think coherent thoughts without interruption, to be thankful for each other, and to acknowledge the choices we’ve made towards a life that is meaningful and happy.  The restaurant was different from what I remembered, it was also packed.  I was hoping for a little more tranquility, but it was still beautiful along the Delaware River.  I’d probably put Hamilton Grill Room back on the top of my favorite restaurants though.  

5 thoughts on “It Just Fell Over

  1. As years pass you will realize interragation will prove to be fruitless waste of time with kids. There never gonna say daddy I knocked over the Christmas tree. I’m surprised Winston has not learned to throw Dalia under the bus with a Dalia did it sort of thing. Maybe to eye bolts in the ceiling and some 40 pound test fishing line going from the top of the tree to three separate eyes so the tree sort of dangles unable to fall over. Been there done that. Happy Holidays, keep that tree.


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