Merry Christmas, You Idiot

I never would have guessed it, but I think I may be half grinch. The following things have started to really annoy me about this most wonderful time of year:

1. Santa hats on ordinary citizens, not sure why, but I think they look like idiots.
2. Charitable donation presents. At work, I’m always getting stupid cards saying that a charitable donation has been given on my behalf to some organization. Unfortunately, I have a severe distrust of all charitable organizations founded by outrageous CEO salaries. Plus, it defeats the whole purpose of gift giving and charity, if you want to give me a gift, give me something that will benefit me or if you want to give charity, just give to charity. This whole concept of giving the gift of charity is like me giving a present for my brother to my sister.
3. Christmas cards. My wife and I significantly differ on this topic. She will get a Christmas card and hang it up on the wall for a couple of months like it is a painting by Picasso. I get a card, see that someone just signed their name on a piece of paper and toss it in the trash.
4. Holiday parties at work. I love my work, but I spend a heck of a lot of time there. Around the holidays, there’s often parties in the evening and it just results in more time with work people during the holiday season. I’d like to suggest that a holiday party be a lunch time trip to the pizzeria and then everyone goes home for the day. Reason I suggest pizzeria is because the money you would have spent on a big meal can be given to people in the form of an Amex gift card for $50. Work holiday evening parties would not be as bad if you could bring your spouse.
5. Target’s Shopping Lane General. During the holidays, Target sets up a person who barks out which lanes only have one person in line. Everyone will be in lanes 7 and 10 and the Target Shopping Lane General will yell, “LANE TWO, ONLY ONE CUSTOMER!!!” Then half of the people if lanes 7 and 10 run to lane 2 and now they’ve lost their spot in the other lanes and haven’t gained ground. There has to be a more efficient system, maybe a number system.

McNabb – Hopefully, the final chapter

“Disrespectful is probably not strong enough of a word. Donovan has handled himself with nothing but class, not just in Washington but as an ambassador for the league. To treat him this way … it’s beyond disrespectful.”
— Fletcher Smith, the agent for Washington quarterback Donovan McNabb, to Jason Reid of the Washington Post, after McNabb was benched for the remainder of the season by coach Mike Shanahan.

Back in April, I was blogged about how happy I was to get rid of McNabb. I’m wrong about a lot of things, but I wasn’t wrong about McNabb. The guy is a chump and I’m happy he’s now a third string QB. Before any of you talk smack to me about kicking a guy while he’s down, he’s far from down, he’s made millions for being a chump and will make millions as a back up quarterback in the next couple weeks. To the quote above, he should shut up, there’s a lot of people without jobs right now and they don’t have millions in their bank account.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Last night I told Jaclyn that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been repealed by the congress. She asked, “So what does that mean?” To which I replied, “Well, now you are required to ask and tell. For the next several months, everyone in the military needs to go around and ask if their fellow servicemen/service women are gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual. If you are asked, you are certainly obligated to tell, it’s in the rules. If you don’t tell, you gotta get out of the military immediately. You can also be ousted for not knowing and not asking, you are now obligated to ask. I think they will start a massive filing system to record everyone’s responses. Honestly, I don’t know how we fielded a military in the past without this legislation.”

I saw Yogi Bear in this weekend. glasses work perfectly over prescription glasses.

The Problem With Corporations

I was in conference room 100 yesterday and looked up at the ticking clock on the wall behind me. I knew it was roughly 5PM, but the clock said it was 11:15. I stared at the clock to figure if it was worthwhile for me to correct the issue, it was ticking, but the minute hand wasn’t moving, the second hand just twitched, not making any progress around the dial. I then remembered that this clock was busted the last time I was in that conference room months ago, but nothing has been done to fix or replace it since then.

It was a nice looking clock, probably cost about $20. How should RKDeem resolve this issue? I can’t just throw the clock away since it isn’t mine. It isn’t my responsibility to fix or replace the clock. Maybe there’s a person who is responsible for clock fixing. It can’t be the IT guy, he only works on computers, blackberrys and phones. It can’t be the maintenance guy, he empties the trash, cleans bathrooms, and cleans up. It is not accounting, human resources, executive leadership, or clinical research. Who in the world is going to fix this clock?

I thought about just removing the clock and throwing it away, but it isn’t my clock. I don’t care enough to buy a new clock out of my own savings. Maybe we can have a meeting to discuss what should be done.

New York City

My marketing team had to attend an all day meeting in NYC on Wednesday. We sat in hours of traffic as we tried to infiltrate the Lincoln Tunnel, we sat in hours of traffic as we exited the Lincoln Tunnel around midnight. Millions of people are excited to get on that island and millions more are excited to get off it.

Our destination was the Eventi Hotel in midtown. We spent the day tucked inside one of their conference rooms, but emerged for dinner at their Bar Basque restaurant. If you love Tron + Starship Enterprise + Death Star + Food, you’ll have a good experience at Bar Basque. This is the restaurant of the future where Storm Troopers go for a fancy meal. Google it, strange place, decent food, I might go there for a drink some time, just to show people a crazy site in New York.

After dinner we attended a Knicks Game. Madison Square Garden barely looks nicer than the dingy Penn Station beneath it. I’m very thankful for the opportunities to go to nice stuff like this, but New York isn’t as great as some people would make you believe.

My sister gets married tomorrow. Kids are bugging me that we don’t have a star for the top of our Christmas Tree. Thank you Laurie for watching the kids last night! Anyone in the market for an iPod Touch?