New York City

My marketing team had to attend an all day meeting in NYC on Wednesday. We sat in hours of traffic as we tried to infiltrate the Lincoln Tunnel, we sat in hours of traffic as we exited the Lincoln Tunnel around midnight. Millions of people are excited to get on that island and millions more are excited to get off it.

Our destination was the Eventi Hotel in midtown. We spent the day tucked inside one of their conference rooms, but emerged for dinner at their Bar Basque restaurant. If you love Tron + Starship Enterprise + Death Star + Food, you’ll have a good experience at Bar Basque. This is the restaurant of the future where Storm Troopers go for a fancy meal. Google it, strange place, decent food, I might go there for a drink some time, just to show people a crazy site in New York.

After dinner we attended a Knicks Game. Madison Square Garden barely looks nicer than the dingy Penn Station beneath it. I’m very thankful for the opportunities to go to nice stuff like this, but New York isn’t as great as some people would make you believe.

My sister gets married tomorrow. Kids are bugging me that we don’t have a star for the top of our Christmas Tree. Thank you Laurie for watching the kids last night! Anyone in the market for an iPod Touch?

4 thoughts on “New York City

  1. I won a 64 gig ipod at work, it’s brand new and still in package. I have an iPod already, so trying to sell it. I’d sell it for $150 if you’re interested.


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