The Problem With Corporations

I was in conference room 100 yesterday and looked up at the ticking clock on the wall behind me. I knew it was roughly 5PM, but the clock said it was 11:15. I stared at the clock to figure if it was worthwhile for me to correct the issue, it was ticking, but the minute hand wasn’t moving, the second hand just twitched, not making any progress around the dial. I then remembered that this clock was busted the last time I was in that conference room months ago, but nothing has been done to fix or replace it since then.

It was a nice looking clock, probably cost about $20. How should RKDeem resolve this issue? I can’t just throw the clock away since it isn’t mine. It isn’t my responsibility to fix or replace the clock. Maybe there’s a person who is responsible for clock fixing. It can’t be the IT guy, he only works on computers, blackberrys and phones. It can’t be the maintenance guy, he empties the trash, cleans bathrooms, and cleans up. It is not accounting, human resources, executive leadership, or clinical research. Who in the world is going to fix this clock?

I thought about just removing the clock and throwing it away, but it isn’t my clock. I don’t care enough to buy a new clock out of my own savings. Maybe we can have a meeting to discuss what should be done.

17 thoughts on “The Problem With Corporations

  1. Yo, I’d go right to the top with this problem. CEO’s need to be aware of these type of defecencies within the organization. There might be a promotion in this for you! Open your cell phone, wear a watch. I have a free clock in the garage, maybe the sucker just needs a new AA battery. Regift something to the maintanance department with an anonymous note about the clock that needs to get fixed. Wait and see it will be fun. What r u getting me for Xmas?


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