I am going something right now that I never in a million years thought I’d do; I’m drinking Clausthaler…a non-alcoholic beer. It’s a long story, but I happened to have a cold bucket of beer given to me as a gift and I wanted to consume one, but didn’t want to have any buzz for my dinner this evening. I noticed one of the beers was non-alcoholic so I decided to live it up and drink it. I can’t believe that I sort of feel like a bad ass for drinking a beer without alcohol.

I made my presentations and answered a bunch of questions on my trip to NC. I am having to present more and more and I’m getting comfortable with it. I never minded presenting, but I’m much more confident when I feel like I’m the smartest guy in the room. I’m probably not the smartest guy, but I think it would be awfully tough to stump me on anything, that’s a good feeling. The best is when you’re very senior level and you can start to incorporate random humor slides into your presentation, if I did that now, people would be like, “Why’s Deem wasting our time with this slide with a monkey on it?” When I’m CEO, watch out, lot’s of oddball PPT slides & YouTube videos, in fact, there will be no relevant content whatsoever.

Winston is starting to say some really absurd stuff, I mean, just crazy, can’t even write it here in the blog. All I can say is, he really means well and we’re trying to explain the complicated rules regarding how to appropriately communicate issues regarding your privates. Dalai is hysterical, Jaclyn yells at her and Dalia just growls back at her.

16 thoughts on “Clausthaler

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  2. That’s funny. How about in M. Night Shamaylan’s (sp?) movie ‘Signs’ with Mel Gibson, when they show the home video footage of the birthday party on the news, and in the footage they see one of the aliens walking down a street and it turns and looks at the camera. That was obviously inspired by the above Bigfoot film footage! …it’s my favorite part in the film.


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