Updates, Updates, Updates

Ate at Butcher & Singer on Saturday, it was pretty good. Is “pretty good” not quite as good as “good”, if so, Butcher & Singer was pretty good. Stephen Starr restaurants usually have some bold statement that keeps you thinking about it for the next couple of days, there’s nothing in the personality of that restaurant that keeps me thinking about it.

After Jaclyn and I ate dinner, we returned to our hotel and watched the movie, Tombstone. This is the second time in two weeks that I’ve watched the western movie made in 1993 and I was thrilled that Jaclyn enjoyed it as well. Wasn’t the most romantic movie, but it kept us on the edge of our seats and Jaclyn got to hear my Doc Holliday impression. By the way, I just looked up Doc Holliday on Wikipedia and it says that he was a gambler, gunfighter, and dentist. He actually received his dental schooling in Philadelphia, how about that? Doc died when he was 36. I just read the whole article about him and the movie Tombstone is based almost entirely on true event, we should do a road trip to Tombstone sometime. Next time I’m in Phoenix, I’m renting a car and heading to Tombstone, they reenact the fight at the OK Coral every day there…good times!

It was 7 degrees this morning. I hope that many years from now my great grandchildren can read this blog and know that global warming is a good thing.. Manhattan might be under water, half of Florida will be submerged, and New Orleans will be on stilts, but that’s a fair trade to not have to endure temperatures in the single digits. I am a firm believer that any negative consequences of global warming can be counteracted through technology.

Heard the Counting Crows song, “Hanging Around” this morning. Song reminded me of my time at Bloomsburg University. That was an awfully boring town, absolutely nothing to do in that town except lose your sobriety. The song’s all about how you’re in a really boring town and it is time to move on, it was a perfect song for me during my junior year at Bloomsburg, sort of inspired me to move on. There’s lots of good songs for kids as they go through volatile adolescent moments, like, “With or Without You”, “Free Falling”, “Like A Rolling Stone”, etc. but it is funny how there’s not too many songs for when you are in your thirties, married, have a busy job, and 2 kids that really consume all your energy, I guess smooth jazz is a good fit. My kids will think I enjoy lame music, but the issue will be more systemic, I’m just living a happy and stable life.

Played a really intense game of hide and seek last night, we turned off all the lights and used flashlights to seek the hiders. Our kids cannot take the suspense of hiding, as we approach them in their hiding spots, they always poke out their heads and say, “Here I am!”

9 thoughts on “Updates, Updates, Updates

  1. A nice dinner and out on the town and you return to hotel and watch Tombstone? Holy Mackeral Andy. You sure know how to sweep a woman off her feet. Couldna done better meself.


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