Unhappy Day

No power in the Deem house this morning. You could feel the temperatures steadily dropping this morning so Jac took the kids to her parents and I went off to warm confines of work. The weeks upon weeks of snow, compounded by today’s ice and rain, has made today one of the most unhappy days I can remember. People at work are miserable, someone is complaining that the Steelers don’t deserve to be in the Super Bowl and is citing several instances in the past when they got lucky breaks, he is calling the frauds. Another co-worker is annoyed that his self-assessment never got submitted and he needs to redo the entire thing. The lady who sits across from me is complaining about the power being out in her house and how it prohibited her from having nice hair and a good breakfast.

I think people are ready for some joy, maybe I’ll bring in bagels to work tomorrow.

19 thoughts on “Unhappy Day

  1. Soft pretzels are usually a big hit too when I bring them in for co-workers.I’m unhappy about Steven Tyler stealing the spotlight from J-Lo on American Idol. I was hoping this would revive her career.


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