I was watching Toy Story 3 with Winston and Dalia the other night. Winston was grabbing his privates and pacing back and forth, I suggested he use the bathroom. Winston was too wrapped up in the movie to break and relieve himself, eventually I had to pee so I walked over to the bathroom and turned on the light. As I was about to pee, Winston barged in and asked to jump ahead in the queue and use the bathroom before me. I agreed, stepped out and waited for him to finish. About a minute later he said he was finished and said it was now my turn.

As I walked in, it stunk to high heaven and he left a giant turd in the toilet. I wanted to explain all the violations of social etiquette that he just committed, but I couldn’t figure where to start.

I finished Flowers For Algernon, I loved it. “Moron Genius and Mouse Go Berserk” – that’s a newspaper headline from the book, you should read it. I’ve been a reading machine lately, I think I’m going to find a used book store and dig up some more classics.

Heading to San Diego on Friday…first time ever in that city!

10 thoughts on “Zinger

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  2. it’s funny because you used to leave giant turds in my family’s bathroom when we were younger. Like 11th grade.and dave used to leave his cigarettes at my parents house starting around 4th grade.


  3. Books are more expensive on the iPad then they are to buy the paper versions. I have read a couple books on it, but they’re generally too expensive.


  4. I think Funfa needs to use spell check or maybe try a different language. I tried reading upside down still no good.I’m just sayingggggg. You could have paused the movie so the kid could have dropped the duece without any of missing the show.


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