Brief Update

My work is hiring a couple folks that will help to lighten my load, as I’m still working my old job and I’ve been doing my new job since January 3rd, it will be a tremendous help.

I’m always calling Winston a knucklehead because he is often acting like a knucklehead. A couple days ago, he was showing me a magnificent train track that he constructed and I asked him where Thomas would sleep, he pointed at a little shed and said, “Right in there you knucklehead!”

Next Friday I’m off to San Francisco for the first time, I’ve always thought I’d love that city, I hope I’m right.

This weekend, Jac and I will have a couple hours to ourselves. Plan on checking out the store Two Buttons in Frenchtown, owned and operated by the lady who wrote Eat, Pray, Love. Jac has wanted to go there for years, but their schedule is always changing, they open for the first time in 2011 on Saturday, MArch 14th.

Got a bonus from work, used a decent portion of it to pay off taxes, very exciting.

Finished The Ugly American, now reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Two funny things about the book:
1. I bought it at a Borders that was going out of business in San Diego, a black man was working the register and when he saw the book, he said, “I hope this isn’t one of the censored versions”, speaking about the recent edition that erased all mentions of the n-word. I wasn’t sure how to respond, I just smiled and said “yes”.
2. The introduction mentioned that the book is for children and adults. Mark Twain wrote it more for children, but hoped that adults reading it would be reminded of their own child within. Was surprised to find out that I’d be reading a children’s book, but so far I enjoy it.
3. Mark Twain got his name while he was a river boat captain on the Mississippi. There was a guy on the boat whose job would be to let out rope with a weight attached to the bottom, he would lower this into the water to assess the depth of the river. The ideal depth for safe water to travel was 12 feet, or two fathoms, also know as a twain. They put a little mark on the rope to indicate twain fathoms (12 feet). When it was deep enough for the rope to hit the mark, the river depth monitor guy would yell, “mark twain”, assuring the crew that the water was deep enough for safe passage.

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