Home Depot Disappoints

Went to Home Depot about a week ago, wanted to get a french door replaced. The french door we currently have is very old and leaks tons and tons of cold air. I asked the people at Home Depot what a ballpark cost would be and they said it depends on many things, they sent someone to our house on Sunday morning (which is pretty impressive). The guy who came said he could replace the French Doors for a price that seemed very reasonable. We were excited and wrote a check. Whoops, he made a mistake, it is actually a french sliding door, not french doors. Well, not the end of the world, we can live with a sliding door (French Doors would be more than twice as expensive).

We cut a check and he said that a guy would come next week to take more formal measurements.

The formal measurement guy was only available to come out until 4PM on Friday, so I left work early to meet him. The guy who took the formal measurements was immediately concerned about the initial guy’s assessment, he said “there’s no way a sliding door will fit in that space”. After a couple phone calls and consulting several books, we found out that the french sliding doors is actually a french stationary door, well, a non-operationg window that would allow us to look outside, but we would not be able to open or get outside.

Everyone was very nice, they were pretty prompt, but I think I’m going to cancel my appointment and work with a company that specializes in doors and windows. I don’t want to waste anymore time or money trying to get this right.

On another note, had a great weekend with the kids. Introduced the kids to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there were a couple scenes where Winston laughed for two minutes straight. Winston also suggested that we buy Mr. Edman and Rose a football as a present for them.

Grandmom Pollock had a birthday this weekend, we went over and Winston sang Happy Birthday to her.

Dalia has been going through a phase where she tells people she’s crying because I yelled at her and I didn’t yell at her. I think she likes the sympathy she gets, I will be happy when she leaves that phase.

Both kids obsess over Ghostbusters, Slimer is their absolute favorite.

11 thoughts on “Home Depot Disappoints

  1. Dalia is looking to be quite the drama queen. She has my vote for best supporting actress. The football will be a nice surprise for Ed. If your looking for a deal on Home Improvements in the large chain stores; you are in the wrong place. Get Summit Construction’s phone number and start a relationship with them. Greg has always been honest and fair.


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