Gators etc.

I’m in Orlando, Florida for a national sales meeting. Most of the time we’re in meetings and presenting stuff, but on Wednesday afternoon they let us outside in search of adventure. Some people chose to swim with dolphins, others did Universal Studios or Disney World, RKDeem chose an airboat ride through the swamps in hopes to find some gator.

Let me tell you, airboats are freaking awesome. The driver said he had us going about 40 MPH, which feels damn fast on a boat, in particular when you’re in a swamp with giant heron, egret, and cows wading in the water inches away from you. Yes, I said cows, apparently Florida is big cattle country and you see those enormous animals everywhere, including knee deep in gator infested swamps. The boat soars through the water, flying by all kinds of primitive wild life, but the absolute best thing about the airboat is in the turns. Normal boats would never be able to make a 90 degree turn at 40 miles per hour, airboats can and when they do, it is like a world class amusement park ride. Turns are a critical part of the adventure too, because we were on a windy creek and if the turn wasn’t executed properly, we would have slammed into the bank, good lord it was excited. We also saw a bald eagle perched on top of a telephone pole and then he circled above us for awhile. Oh, I almost forgot, we saw about a dozen gators lurking during our ride. The captain would release the throttle and let the boat lurch up to a sun bathing gator and the reptile just calmly gives off a menacing stare. The captain would often provide commentary such as, “he aint dat big, but big nuff to take yo arm off” or “ohh dat a big one, probably 12 feet long”. Can’t say it enough, get yourself on an airboat someday.

I am also happy to report that I won an award last night from my company, it is a good thing and something I was really hoping to win. Very happy to be at a good company who let’s me do my thing and recognizes me when it goes well. The cool thing about the award is that we get to go on a nice trip and Jacalope gets to come too. She’s a big part to any success I have and I’m excited to share the reward with her!

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