Hair Talk

Winston, Dalia, and I were walking through Target. Winston was in the shopping cart’s main cargo area and Dalia was sitting in the seat up front. Winston stood up as the cart was in motion to reach for something on the shelf, lost his balance and nearly fell from the cart. I scolded him for standing up in a moving cart, explained the possible repercussions and concluded, “You guys are maniacs, no wonder my hair is turning gray and falling out.” Winston asked why hair falls out. I explained that as you get older, hair turns gray and begins to fall out, it is something that just happens when you get old. Winston said, “I can’t wait for my hair to fall out.”

When you’re in your twenties, you do all kinds of stupid stuff that can put hair on your chest. In your thirties you deal with all kinds of stuff that makes your hair fall out. I wonder if any correlation exists between the hair on your chest and the hair loss that follows?

Winston looked at his hands on our way to a garden center and said, “Hair is growing on my hands!” Jaclyn responded, “That means you’re turning into a man.” Winston was very pleased, he even explained his metamorphosis to strangers in the garden center.

One last things, bad things happen in 3’s, what increment do good things happen in. I suspect it is whatever we choose.

8 thoughts on “Hair Talk

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