Checking In

Things are good right now. We finally hired someone to join my launch team and now work is more manageable.

Winston and Dalia are looking forward to the egg hunt this Saturday for Easter. I wonder if the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus ever argue about their gift giving methodology, Santa is ultra accommodating, lands on your roof, squeezes down the chimney, and places your gifts perfectly under the tree. The Easter bunny hides candy(food) in all kinds of random places, often outside, and makes kids roam all over to find it. To each his own, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus both probably agree that the Tooth Fairy is weird.

Next weekend we have A-Day at Del Val on Saturday. You should come too, we’ll also be having a barbeque afterwards, you’re welcome to come. If possible, we’ll try to hit up Shad Fest on Sunday.

The following weekend we’re heading to DC, I want to see Ford’s Theater, but probably not a kid friendly place/tour. We watched the whole Civil War documentary and I’m very interested in the Lincoln assassination, seems unbelieveable that a bunch of inept clowns were able to murder our president and nearly take down the Vice President and Secretary of State. I would love to see the theater and the boarding house across the street where Lincoln ultimately died. Did you know Lincoln had a dream about the whole thing just a couple nights before he died? Here’s what Lincoln recalled from the dream:

“About ten days ago, I retired very late. I had been up waiting for important dispatches from the front. I could not have been long in bed when I fell into a slumber, for I was weary. I soon began to dream. There seemed to be a death-like stillness about me. Then I heard subdued sobs, as if a number of people were weeping. I thought I left my bed and wandered downstairs. There the silence was broken by the same pitiful sobbing, but the mourners were invisible. I went from room to room; no living person was in sight, but the same mournful sounds of distress met me as I passed along. I saw light in all the rooms; every object was familiar to me; but where were all the people who were grieving as if their hearts would break? I was puzzled and alarmed. What could be the meaning of all this? Determined to find the cause of a state of things so mysterious and so shocking, I kept on until I arrived at the East Room, which I entered. There I met with a sickening surprise. Before me was a catafalque, on which rested a corpse wrapped in funeral vestments. Around it were stationed soldiers who were acting as guards; and there was a throng of people, gazing mournfully upon the corpse, whose face was covered, others weeping pitifully. ‘Who is dead in the White House?’ I demanded of one of the soldiers, ‘The President,’ was his answer; ‘he was killed by an assassin.’ Then came a loud burst of grief from the crowd, which woke me from my dream. I slept no more that night; and although it was only a dream, I have been strangely annoyed by it ever since.”

Jac’s aiming to get the invites to her party out soon, but save the date, it is May 21.

June 13-17, we’ll be in Colorado for a vacation.

Lots of fun ahead.

9 thoughts on “Checking In

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