Washington, DC

The Deem crew headed to Washington, DC for the weekend.

We hit up the zoo and made it to Amazonia portion which Jaclyn’s wanted to see for years. Jac wanted to see a fish called an Arapaima, it is a 6 foot long freshwater fish that looks very primitive (a fish version of me). After visiting Amazonia, we saw a giant anteater, elephants, huge turtles, orangutans, and beautiful tropical birds. The kids were fascinated and we’re always interested in seeing the next section of the zoo.

After the zoo, we went to the hotel and checked in. The kids had bunk beds and Winston claimed the top. Amazingly, he only fell out once and it was when he was awake and trying to get down the ladder. We left the hotel and walked from Dupont Circle past the White House, Winston will tell you that Barack Obama lives there. After the White House, we walked up to the Washington Monument, which Winston refers to as the Warrington Monument. Dalia rode on my shoulders for most of the day, whenever I put her down, she’d chase an unsuspecting pigeons and try to pick them up. Pigeons are not used to this chasing and Dalia nearly grabbed a couple which would have been a situation that I did not want to deal with.

We visited the War World 2 Memorial and I did my best to explain why it was important. “There were a bunch of mean people across the ocean that were hurting people, so they asked that we go across the ocean and fight them.” The sculpted images represented men and women, at home and at war, and that allowed us to talk about Grandmom and Pop Pop. It may have been a coincidence, but Winston was sad after viewing the display.

We found 3 people wailing enormous drums in the Mall, Dalia and I watched Jaclyn & Winston dance to the beat. Eventually we retreated to the Metro & headed back to the hotel.

1. You cannot use a single metro card for 4 different people, each passenger must have their own separate card.
2. The metro card machine will not give you more than $5 in change, so if you put in a $20 bill for a $10 metro card, it automatically gives you a $20 metro card because you violated the $5 change rule.
3. Kids do not need metro cards.

I inadvertently violated all 3 rules and while I had the best intentions, the station manager was livid with me. I got yelled at for about 5 minutes for not following instructions, finally he let me in and explained that it was of critical importance that I see the station manager at our destination. Winston and I boarded the train and I kept waiting for Jaclyn to hop on, she waited for a person with a missing leg on a wheel chair to board the train and the doors began to shut, Jaclyn used her super strength to pry the door open and squeeze in. The kid in the wheel chair had obviously just lost his leg from the knee down and wore a “Wounded Warrior” jacket, he looked about 18 years old at the oldest, he was with his father. He sat next to Winston and I (I was using all my telepathic abilities to silently instruct Winston to not discuss the injury). My immediate reaction to his injury was anger. Pissed off by the inadequacies of the equation (young kid + doing his part to serve our country = loss of leg). Jaclyn thanked him for our service. If anyone out there is trying to find a charitable organization, Wounded Warrior Project seems dedicated to making that equation more equal http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/content/view/1128/1155/ .

When we arrived at the destination, we couldn’t find a station manager so we left the metro and assume that we are now on their most wanted list.

We spent Sunday visiting our aunt/uncle and then hit up the Natural History Museum, they had a live butterfly exhibit that the kids loved.

We had a great trip, but now I am suffering from a real bad cold. It feels like a drank a cup of glass shards. There is no doubt that this illness is related to both of our kids being sick the week before and sneaking into our room for comfort. They crawl into bed with us, get about 6 inches from my face and cough all night. I also got thrown up on twice, in fact, I can’t think of a better way to catch a cold if I was trying.

5 thoughts on “Washington, DC

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I loved this blog. It made me smile. The kids are getting so big & I love hearing about their reactions & thoughts! I hope you feel better soon!


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