The Good News Is…

The Rapture didn’t come a day early!

Every time I hear Strauss-Kann (the head of the IMF), I think of Shere Khan from the Jungle Book.

Getting closer to our vacation in Colorado. Can’t wait to see Vail, I hope Jac and I can find a restaurant with outdoor seating and just relax in that crisp Colorado air for a long afternoon.

The kids and I got Jaclyn a wooden octopus for her birthday, looks pretty awesome.

Just found out that I have to make a quick trip to KC on Monday night and come back on Tuesday night. I hope I somehow find a way to squeeze in a stop at Oklahoma Joe’s, definitely one of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten at and it is in a gas station.

Called home today and Winston answered, had a great conversation with him. Really impressed with how the kids are growing up. So very different personalities, but incredible little humans. I used to think that my parenting would really shape their personalities, but people are born with a strong set of personalities and they are not going to change. There’s a lot I can do as a parent, but they are who they are and I love that about them.

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