Beach Trip

While I was finishing up my work in Chicago, I received an invitation from Dad to go crabbing with the family on Saturday. I quickly replied that we’d all be down for it, I knew the wife and kids would love the adventure.

On Saturday morning we traveled down to Tuckerton, NJ and hopped on the boat and made a short trip to a marshy area that looked prime for crabbing. Within minutes, I hoisted up the first crab on a handline. The crab was deposited on the floor of the boat and was prepared to snap his claws at anyone who approached him. The kids screamed and the little creature terrified anyone within close proximity of its claws. We threw it into the cooler and caught several others, Jaclyn turned out to be an excellent crabber too, she always surprises me, she can do anything she wants to do.

After catching plenty of crabs, we took a stab at fishing right in the middle of the day. Somehow we managed to catch a stingray and a flounder without too much time and effort. The kids loved getting a close look at the fish. Between crabs and fish, the kids snuck into the boat’s cabin and had books read to them by their Grandmom. Considering the small space on the boat, the kids did amazingly well. We got back to the dock around 2:30PM and then I took Jac, Win, and Dalia to the beach.

The kids were the only people braving the cold water and wouldn’t leave until they were blue and shivering. Afterwards we rode a couple amusement park rides, most notably, their first experience on a roller coaster (a very small roller coaster, but it counts!).

Finally, it was about 6PM and we were ready for a bite to eat. Jac and I were reviewing a menu when we heard Dalia yelling at Winston. We turned around and saw Winston peeing on the main street with cars & pedestrians passing by. We returned the menus, picked up the kids and headed for the car. We drove up a couple of miles, safe from being recognized as “that family” and had a delicious seafood dinner (kids had nuggets).

It was a great weekend and next weekend, Jacalope and I head to Colorado. Can’t wait to enjoy some time alone with her.

13 thoughts on “Beach Trip

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