I’m going to throw a challenge out there to all the loyal readers of the RKDeem Report. I am amazed that you can get 3 Peanut Chews at WaWa for 25 cents and cannot think of anything else that is that tasty and that cheap, can anyone name something great you can get for a quarter?

I saw an interesting article about a 59 year old man who robbed a bank for $1 because he wanted to go to jail to receive healthcare coverage for a growth in his chest. The scariest part of the story is that it is completely logical:,0,4161298.story

Colorado was wonderful. I always enjoy seeing new sights and I had never been in the rocky mountains before. San Diego Dave and I used to climb up Mount Minsi at the Delaware Water Gap and it seemed pretty damn high. I am probably an idiot, but when I was in the rockies, the mountains seemed comparable to Mount Minsi. I did a quick search on the elevations and this is how they compare:

Mount Minsi (Pennsylvania Water Gap): 1,461 feet
Beaver Creek (Colorado Rockies): 11,440 feet

I did some more research and there’s a reason why I thought they were comparable, Beaver Creek’s mountain’s base is at 8,100 feet so it is really only 4,040 feet higher than the base. Don’t get me wrong though, the mountains are beautiful and you could easily spend an entire lifetime exploring those mountains and never come close to seeing everything.

I made a quick trip to Dallas, too quick to really pass a judgement on the city. But I did take a mile walk through a “nice” area and it was pretty boring. I have not been impressed with Houston or Dallas, too spread apart and nothing unique. The few Texans I spoke to mentioned that Galveston, TX is an incredible beach town and I need to check it out sometime, said it had all the good things people like about New Orleans without the bad stuff.

Looking forward to the 3 Day weekend for July 4th, can’t wait to see some fireworks.

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