Bushkill Falls

I took the family to Bushkill Falls in North East, Pennsylvania. The falls were beautiful and the 45 minute hike around them was a perfect length for the kids. Some strange hillbilly guy was sitting on a bench outside the waterfalls with a pet monkey. Dalia tried to pet the monkey and the monkey reared back and showed his little monkey hangs. I grabbed Dalia and prevented a monkey attack. There’s an enormous flea market near the waterfalls too, if you plan on going to Bushkill, you should work that into the trip too..

It was a pretty busy relaxing weekend, we didn’t do anything over the top, but were always doing something. I built some horseshoe pits and am embarrassed to admit that Jaclyn had to demonstrate the appropriate way to hammer a nail (it was a weird angle). We had a couple small fireworks & Jaclyn made delicious ribs on July 4th.

Winston turned 4 and a half on July 4th, we had a real difficult time explaining what the half meant…I still don’t think he understands it. He did get a “big boy” bike with a chain and rubber tires (his last bike was more like a big wheels thing). He are also making him wear a helmet, which probably isn’t necessary since his current top speed is about 2 MPH.

It feels like summer now, work slows down in July and I’m going to enjoy it because life will get crazy in late August to next June.

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